Wednesday, January 23, 2013

second cousins

We recently enjoyed an impromptu visit from some second cousins.  It was a little short but very sweet!  We found some time to skate and some ventured out to the toboggan hill and Michelle and I almost finished a game of Scrabble.   On Saturday night we had a birthday party to celebrate everyone's birthday at once at the start of the year.  The idea of cake was appealing to all, but the kids weren't sold on the idea of this one time party.  

p.s. Thanks for the DQ cake Michelle :)

THE party of the year

The best picture of 6 attempts; Can you believe it?!  Me too.

AND ... some fun with an air pump and a Tyvek suit
NOTE:  We hope that the road trip was worth it .... and that you'll come again!


Carla Shultz said...

Haha....Very cute group picture!!! Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Michelle Service said...

I totally enjoyed myself. I can't believe that we waited so long to do it and you might see us more often now. It's easy to do and the kids had a riot. Will get you some skating photos. Don't have many, though!