Monday, August 30, 2010

loon lake - take two

Well, school started today, but since I'm still behind on my summer photos, you'll have to wait for more current ones! These photos capture some of the company we had at the cabin - a lot of pictures I know ... but I thought most of them were worth sharing!

My house and yard have been neglected for almost 2 months and I don't know where to start! I was looking forward to school starting today so I would be stuck at home to face my chores. However, I didn't get too much accomplished today - maybe because I was up all night labeling school supplies! Tomorrow we are off to Rhett's music lesson and then Vermilion to donate blood, so that takes care of another day! Seems like a long way to go to donate blood, but I promised myself I'd give back 14 units and the blood donor clinic only comes this way once a year! So, off I go - hopefully every 3 months!


Jarvis, Alyson Daudi and Adair said...

Good for you donating blood. I'm looking forward to doing that again too. I know I could've done it here too but they never advertise it or anything and I just haven't felt like the hassle of finding out. Anyway, nice pictures. Looks like you guys had a good run at the lake this summer. Now the cabins are all packed up for winter?

Our Service Crew said...

c. great to see our time at the lake from another cameras point of view. great photos. m