Tuesday, February 11, 2014

post holiday thoughts

It seemed as though the holiday of holidays (at least for our family, who never goes on a holiday) sneaked up on us and then BOOM it was over and we hardly knew what happened.  

However, I would be telling a little white lie if I said it was all over in the blink of an eye.  Some half hour intervals seemed like eternity.  For one, we didn't really go prepared for long flights with no entertainment.  Rough start.   Secondly, the 4 boys in this house have the exact opposite nature of Job. (Think polar opposite of the patience of Job).  As well,  3 of those boys found ANY amount of standing in line IMPOSSIBLE without scrapping with each other. Sometimes even 1 girl couldn't help but get involved in the "you did it to me first" game.  You can picture in your mind the innumerable lines dealing with airports, Disney World and the cruise.   I lost count of how many scenes were made.   I wish I had faith that it is just a phase and in a few years it will be a non issue.  At this point, my faith in that area is a little weak.  Thirdly, we packed a huge amount of activity in a short amount of time and by burning the candle at both ends we caused some fire hazards with flares of temper.   I won't give any examples.

I hope you aren't getting the wrong idea, because overall it was mostly enjoyable!  Other than different flight (NOT before 7:00 am) times I don't know what I would do differently because we really enjoyed Disney and Lego Land before the cruise.  Maybe we should have stayed another day after the cruise to take the some of the "mad rush" feeling out of the experience.  At the time of booking we thought we needed to get back for work and school!  Not sure why?!!  Sometimes the voice of reason is unreasonable.

That said, does anyone want to travel with us next time?!  We might need guidance from some experienced, calm, cool and collected travelers.  Don't all jump up at once.  You will have a few years to prepare yourself until the next round trip. 

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