Monday, December 10, 2012


Yes, it is December and Christmas break is around the corner, but this post is about "Back to School". I continue to stick with my mantra of "better late than never". So, this finds me at my lap top with my second cup of coffee and the after effects of a delicious cream cheese truffle that I received from a cookie exchange on Saturday. Really wish I hadn't tried them :(   I did exercise today for a few minutes so MAYBE I burned half of it off already.  One can always hope.

Back to the topic of school:
  • Samara - is in a grade 5 in a 5/6 split class this year.  She still mostly loves school but being 10 going on 16 is adding some challenges.  She is still in piano lessons and is back at gymnastics and now basketball has started up again.  She is also doing some reading with a grade 3 boy once a week (not her brother)! 
  • Keithan - is in grade 3 this year.  He is in indoor soccer this year.  It is 2 nights a week and since he lives, breathes and even dreams and talks in his sleep about soccer (true story) it is a great motivational tool for getting homework and reading done.  
  • Rhett - is in grade 1 this year.  He isn't in any after school activities, thankfully.  He just had a birthday on Friday so he is waiting for his birthday party.  He wanted a bowling party or a skating party but when he has a mom who leaves  things until  last minute he will have to settle for less unless he wants to wait a month or two for his party.  I am hoping the weather holds because we have great snow for a tobogganing party.  Still working on that idea.
  • Grady - is in Preschool this year.  He LOVES it, but I understand he and his new best friend have had a few time outs on the time out chair!  The teacher has never mentioned it to me but he brought it up once ... and now I ask almost every time ... and yes, it happened again.  Good thing they don't have report cards in Preschool!!  They must be minor offenses ... one can always hope (again). 

p.s we are looking forward to Grandpa and Grandma's visit on Christmas break.  

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