Monday, November 5, 2012

40th Anniversary Celebration

40 years ago (plus about 2 months) my mom and dad were married. 

Why the daughter of a farmer would choose to get married at harvest time is beyond me 
(... I guess it was before me)!  And, my dad was a custom combiner!!

As the wife of a farmer, the sister of a farmer and the sister of a market gardener, this celebration of 40 years of wedded bliss was planned VERY quickly on VERY short notice in the midst of harvest.  I still can't believe how well it all came together, considering!  I am sure that if it was not harvest time then Alyson, Carla and I would have planned a Martha Stewart  or Pinterest worthy anniversary party!! Ha ha ha!

Sorry, I'm still laughing!  

 Anyway, it was GREAT to be home and GREATER to celebrate this special anniversary for 2 special people.  Thank you to everyone that came and shared this day with us.  There were about 100 people and since my catering skills are rusty (as in never used before) I overestimated a bit on the food side of things and had enough for 200).  I wonder if it will keep until their 50th? I'm going to start planning :)

I love this quote: "home is where our story begins"

I feel blessed today because of the choices my mom and dad made, which is the start of my own story, and a part of my children's story ...

Pre-party celebration for Carla's birthday

cake for Auntie made by Samara

dual purpose cake!


Grounds prep crew



The party

the whole Woods family

missing from the photo:  Auntie Marion and Auntie Joanne

the still happily married couple

??  maybe he was adopted

almost normal family photo!
Two things I need to mention:  
  1. The above 3 photos were used by permission from Michelle S.  There were no copyright infringements!
  2. Most of the stress in the short planning of the whole event was in the slide show preparation.  There were a few equipment difficulties at the last of the last minutes.  But, thanks to my dear sister in law's hard work and the pressure she eventually put on my dear adopted brother, it all came together in the end.  Copies of the music/slide show are available for purchase.  I'm KIDDING ... but it was awesome ... and I'm still waiting for my own copy! 

one more thing ...

new cabin:  the beginning of more family memories; can't wait!!


Carla Shultz said...

You can tell who's kid has been raised on a farm!!! He looks a little tired after a hard day's work...getting orders from 3 foremen!! What a fun weekend with great memories...Love you Mom and Dad!

Jarvis, Alyson Daudi and Adair said...

Hilarious! I'm still laughing too, I'm glad cuz that one night was fairly stressful...forgot my meds, I think ;0) I wish we could do it all over again now. I like your grounds crewmen shots :0)

Grandpa and Grandma Olsen said...

Yes it was a memorable weekend. 40 years of memories all packaged up together. Thanks to all who made it happen. We appreciated it very much!! Still feeling sorry for that lonely labourer though!!!!

Lisa McConnell said...

Great party! And love the family picture at the bottom! And the!