Monday, February 14, 2011

skating fun meet

On Saturday Samara skated in a fun meet, where they test figure skating skills and everyone comes away with a medal. There were a lot of skaters there, including her second cousin Allecia, who ended up in the very same group as Samara. Even though they were competing against each other it was nice because then we had the same schedule and could spend more time together. Grandma came to watch too, so that was a help in managing the rest of the crew :) I didn't realize until we got there that Samara invited her school teacher, and she came! She also had a school friend and her family come and cheer her on! It was a fun day, and she came away with a sliver and bronze medal in her two events so she was more than a little excited about that!

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Lisa M said...

Way to go Samara!!!