Thursday, February 3, 2011

belated birthday blog

I guess before any more time slips away I should share a few photos of Grady's 3rd birthday party. I still can't believe my baby is 3! I sort of feel like I've missed out a bit on this fun time ... always being preoccupied with a younger baby when the other kids were this age, or maybe I'm just losing my memory! Grady is an entertainer ... but not always on purpose! He enjoys a good reaction. This is is latest favorite joke: "guess what?" supposed to respond "what" ... then he responds "nothing, tee hee". He thinks it is the funniest joke around and keeps it up for a long time ... which isn't always funny!
I almost forgot about the cake saga. The night before his party I made a lemon cake in the truck pan, because he wanted an orange truck cake. However, I forgot to tip it out of the pan after letting it cool. So in the morning I had a very stuck truck cake. It didn't resemble a truck after getting it out, so I ran to DQ at the last minute. Not much selection I'm afraid, but he picked it out so he was happy with it and it saved me the hassle of decorating! The lemon cake got used in a trifle, so the rest of the family suggested I wreck a cake again sometime!


Aimee said...
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Aimee said...

Happy third birthday, Grady!

Sally and Dean said...

Hilarious!!!! Kids can say the funniest things. A and B are going through with the knock knock jokes right now. A said last night to us that she "had a much better one" to tell than sis... lol. Happy birthday Grady!!! You sure are growin!!!