Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farwell to Hawaii

These will be the last of the Hawaii photos .. I promise! It has been fun slowly adding them, and reliving the trip! These photos are from the Hilo region and the Volcano region. The banyan trees were planted in the 1930s by famous folk - the ones shown were planted by Amelia Earhart and Babe Ruth. The bed and breakfast place we stayed in was absolutely perfect (Orchid Tree if anyone is interested in going there). The lava flow was neat - the darker it got the more the red showed up (but of course my battery was dying). We couldn't see the lava going into the ocean because of a lava wall blocking the view, but we could see the steam and the red glow. The other volcano views are from the national park. Until next time, goodnight!

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Lj said...

mmmm - that platter of fruit picture would be so tasty right about now...yum!