Friday, April 17, 2009

April news

Good morning! We are still alive and mostly well up here ... Auntie Carla phoned this morning to check it out for herself. The weeks go by a lot faster than they used to! Samara has been off school this week for Easter Break, but she's been sick most of it. Now she's almost back to normal and Grady and I are possibly starting to feel better. Grady is walking - short distances! His balance isn't the greatest so he makes about 6-10 steps and then plops down and starts over. The more tired he is the fewer steps he makes ... but he loves being the star of the show and keeps on going ... and going. It was so nice to have Uncle Keith and Grandma here, even if it was only for one night. Mike Hassett was also here. We had an evening get together and about 45 people came to hear about what is happening in Ecuador and Pakistan.
The flowers were a gift to myself and the family ... to celebrate the first day of spring ... and we were having company for the weekend! The picture with all the snow was taken a month ago. At the moment the snow is disappearing, with a few snow banks still left in our yard. Rhett says it is not spring until the snow is all gone. The street in front of our house has been busy with little bike riders. It is nice living on a quiet street. Keithan agreed to have the training wheels taken off his bike last week. By the end of the season last year they weren't touching the ground anyway! Now he's trying to do tricks already ... stay tuned for pictures of big scrapes! It hasn't happened yet, but I'm prepared!

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Lj said...

Cute picture of U.Keith reading to the kids!
Thanks for the update & hopefully you are all feeling better!