Friday, April 6, 2007

happy birthday daddy

We celebrated a couple days early ... but it is more fun to have a birthday party with the guest of honour present. We just lost one full time morning cook (going to Walmart) and one more full time morning is leaving at the end of the month (going to the oilfield). Phil will be opening in the kitchen till who knows when ... and not home till who knows when! We have one more Filipino coming next weekend. We hope she's half as good as the one we have now. Anyway, I digress ... Phil's birthday is on Sunday. A little history - we went on our first date seven years ago tomorrow! I guess we've both aged a little ... but I'll just keep my photo off the Internet for now!

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Our Service Crew said...

Is it really 7 years? Wow time flies. You guys must be getting old, eh? :-) Happy birthday, Phil!