Monday, January 30, 2012

December 2011

December started of with Special Meetings, special company and a special birthday treat for a certain boy who turned 6. As you can see, Rhett still does not like attention drawn to himself (unless he WANTS it) and therefore smiling for the camera is now almost a 6 year old struggle! He's not stubborn .. but persistent and determined! I can't wait until he channels that in the right direction!!! Anyway, back to the special company, we enjoyed June and Nancy's visit very much. At supper time Rhett mentioned he wanted pancakes for his birthday breakfast. Since it was a school morning, I suggested something simpler so that he wouldn't miss the bus if we were rushed in the morning (he LOVES to be the first one out the door and first in line at the bus stop)! BUT, Auntie June asked if she could help with this birthday request ... so we had pancakes for breakfast. He WAS happy with his stack of pancakes and a candle ... you just wouldn't know it from the photos!

Later on in the day I took some cupcakes to his Kindergarten class and we all sang Bonne Fete one more time! Then on the weekend we had his "party" party, with some friends and neighbors. A guy only turns 6 once so you might as well live it up!! I think he's one of the older ones in his class so he'll be a veteran 6 year old!!
He wanted a Batman cake ... and I tried to deliver! He wasn't as excited about his cake as his brothers were! I guess he had something more complicated in mind (like the actual Batman character) :) Too bad I'm not Martha Stewart ... or any kind of cake decorator for that matter!!

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