Friday, November 4, 2011

Roomie Reunion

Awhile back ... I guess around the end of August, Leah (care of her sister Alayne) hosted a great event ... the 2011 Room-mate Reunion. You may have heard it advertised on the radio! Ha! In attendance was Leah L, Leah H, Sherry J, Corri-lee P and myself. The 5 of us shared a house together in 1995, then townhouse in 1996 after we got kicked out of the original house! Well, not really evicted because we were bad tenants, but the owner of the house went bankrupt and the bank wasn't into the rental business so we had no choice. Anyway, I digress ... now we are old, but we still like to get together and have some pizza and share a few good laughs! So, as a recap of the last 17 years or so, we have 2 ministers, 3 moms, and 8 kids between us. Not too shabby!

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