Friday, December 11, 2009

special times!

We enjoyed our visit with Agnes and Jenn. They came on Tuesday for supper and the night. Since it was Rhett's birthday on Monday I thought we'd have cupcakes. As it turned out, it was Anges' birthday that day! So we sang to Anges who turned 86 and Rhett who turned 4! The cupcakes were well decorated by the kids ... with Jenn's supervision! There were a few sprinkles spread around the kitchen. June and Ladonne (not sure how it is spelled) also stopped by on Thursday for a few minutes. It was nice to be home ... and not working as I normally would be on Thursday! We are celebrating Rhett's 4th birthday again tomorrow with a few kids coming over for that. I didn't realize he would have so many parties, as Phil's mom and dad also got a cake for him on Sunday when we were down there. All the more icing for him!!!

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