Saturday, December 12, 2009

Let go of my Lego!

We had a last minute Spiderman themed birthday party for Rhett. A few weeks ago he decided he wanted a Lightening McQueen themed party so I bought a table cloth, banner, gift bags, etc. Then, this week I decided to order a cake instead of making one ... and they had no more Lightening cake kits. Rhett picked Spiderman instead. When I got home I dug out the Spiderman table cloth and banner from Keithan's party and we were ready for a party! He was excited that the weather didn't keep his friends away ... minus 48 with the windchill! In the end we should have had a Lego themed party ... because most of his gifts were Lego! There should be no end of building and creating for the next while!

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Carla said...

Hey Rhett, Looks like you had a fun birthday. You will have to call me and tell me all about it. You are probaly looking forward to Grandpa and Grandma coming to your place for the Christmas Holiday.