Saturday, September 12, 2009

lake time .... camping for a change

We had an excellent September long weekend camping with old friends and new friends. I was a little suspect at first ... not sure how I would make out with 4 kids camping with no services, as we were camping at a lake in the middle of a community pasture! Thankfully I was able to use the trailer complete with a generator, so I didn't have to rough it too much! And the big bonus ... we had the lake to ourselves, with the exception of a few cows.
The weather couldn't have been better on Saturday. We enjoyed the sunshine and the skiing. Both Kiethan and Samara tried skiing. Even I tried one ski ... and got up on the boom, but didn't succeed with the rope, this time! It was a busy weekend, with 9 kids 7 and under ... and 2 others who joined us at times during the day (Jarvis is in the photos with Grady). Jarvis is the same age as Grady ... but weighs twice as much and talks 10 times as much! Looking back at the summer photos (even though I never take enough) it seems like all we did was hang out at the lake! We're going back to the cabin today to close things up for the winter; a little earlier this year as usually we're too busy with harvest at this time. Phil is hoping to go to the farm next week for harvest - what there is to do that survived the frost and dry spells!

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