Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Concert

Christmas concerts ... the first of many! I missed last year, as I was in the hospital. Phil and the kids went last year and he thought it was rather painful to sit through! This year I went by myself, luckily, because it was standing room only and I had to squeeze in for the hour and a half performance. The school (K-6) did a play and Samara's class was angels. They all had a turn at coming up to the mike to say something, but since it was French I didn't catch it all! Oh well, I did record it for future translation!

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Sally and Dean said...

What? Was it all in french???

That was suppose to be the night we left your place... She was so badly wanting us to come... Wish we could have stayed. I think those kinds of things are cute!

Thanks again for taking us in. We will definitely be up in the area again.

Sorry we didn't get time with you when you were in Toon Town. You will have to come this way again... or let us know when you are on your way through down home.