Sunday, February 17, 2008

just some more photos

For those of you who are checking for photo updates .... here are a few. I it is very hard to find time to take pictures. And, when I want to take a photo there is at least one child who isn't in cooperation mode. Not much new here. Grady weighed 6 lbs 14 oz on Thursday. I wonder what he would have weighed if he had been born at full term. His due date was Wednesday Feb 13th - glad it was over before that!!!


Jarv and Aly said...

Hi Candice,

The pictures are great. Grady is sooo tiny still, i wish i could just hold him and cuddle him. Daudi is getting to the stage where he's always trying to escape the cuddling now :( But we had Lavern Affleck and Dallas Turner here for a couple days this last week and he got a little short changed on 'mommy time' i think. So, after they left yesterday morning he was pretty happy for me to hold him and carry him around the rest of the day...little turkey! I am trying to get our tickets booked today, so should have something shortly from the travel agent.
A, J and D

Jarv and Aly said...
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