Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cruising ...

As I said earlier, the following pictures are from my phone.  The quality is lacking, especially in low light conditions like the dining room.  This provides some interesting pixel-y pictures in various hues for your entertainment! My attempts at photo editing with color saturation didn't really work well and I made some of them worse.  I might spend more time on that later ... and then print them out and put them in an album in 10 years time.

We left Port Canaveral on a Saturday afternoon (January 18th).  On Sunday morning we had a little meeting together in a Chamber room that Michelle had pre-arranged with the Carnival staff.  It was a highlight for sure.  The rest of the day we enjoyed at sea, with formal dining that night. You might notice that I don't have pictures of everyone this second night.  There was some dining room mix-ups and some chose to change to the later dining time.  

Keithan found out that if you order off the kids menu you get your food much faster and then you can escape!  He and Grady took advantage of that, while Rhett didn't want to miss out on escargot, even though it caused him some distress when he had to wait.  Samara was also keen on the adult menu choices, until she ordered "fried chili", thinking it was chili, not chili pepper! It was some hot entertainment :)

Mom and dad

Uncle Roy and Auntie Joanne

Kirk, Cindy and Soraya

(A green tint version of Cindy and Soraya)

Julia (adopted family member for the week) and Angela

Uncle Dale and Auntie June

Auntie Marion and Samara

Fuzzy picture of Us

Samara's "fried chili" (even ate 1/2 of it)

Samara and Annie kept the photographers busy:  They had some really cute photos taken.  Unfortunately the professional cruise photos are on the expensive side and we didn't buy any.  I saw people taking pictures of their pictures in the gallery, but I didn't try that (but now I wish I did even though I was embarrassed for those folks at the time)!

Pretty Posers

Water fun:  The kids didn't seem to mind that it was barely warm enough for water slides.  However, it didn't take too long for them to realize that the hot tubs were the best choice.  I often felt sorry for others who were attempting to enjoy them.  Whose kids were those anyway???  Did I mention that Dad was in charge of the swimming activities for the kids?  I'm not exactly complaining, as it did allow me a few minutes alone with my "I am Hutterite" book (which was a very good read in case you are interested).  And it isn't like we'll ever see those poor people who were  splashed and trampled!!  They should have a couple hot tubs for the 10 and under age group.  I should have wrote that in my feedback survey for Carnival.  Ha ha!

Jarvis - laid back supervisor
Redneck cruiser - wore jeans every day (and never went down the slide once)

Redneck sunbathers - Rhett and Daudi

Never more than a few miles from land, even if it is straight down

Next up ... ports of call.

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