Thursday, September 13, 2007

samara's first day of kindergarten

The first day of kindergarten has come and gone!! All persons involved survived! I almost started to cry when Keithan started bawling his eyes out when the bus drove away ... I think more because he wanted to go on the bus too than the thought of Samara going to school!!! But, it still seemed sad! Samara had a surprise when she got to school - a different teacher and a different classroom than she was prepared for! At the last minute they hired another French Immersion teacher ... and she was one of 15 who got a new teacher! Still a bit traumatic when she wants something to be upset about. However, the new teacher is also young and seems just as nice to me!! Then, when she was supposed to get off the bus on the way home ... she almost didn't! Her bus stop is about 5 houses down - and she wasn't paying attention! I was walking toward the bus to meet her ... but started running when the bus driver shut the door!!! It all ended well. The next day she got off one stop earlier ... but at least it was on the right street!!!!

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Lj said...

Too funny about the bus.
Congrats to Samara & her mom for surviving!