Wednesday, March 28, 2007

nanny 911

I am faced with a difficult decision now since the professing Filipino I wanted and was approved for could take up to 2 years to be approved by the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines. I want to keep that application open so that she can eventually come over if it works out. I have 3 resumes of Filipinos who are working as nannies out of the country; one in Singapore, one in Taiwan, and one in Hong Kong. Two of them have their own young children back in the Philippines and they are working to support their family there. If you go on any nanny websites there are literally hundreds of women doing this. Seems crazy. One of them did not refer to children of her own but is married. I guess they are willing to miss out on their own kids growing up years so they can by chance get an opening to come to Canada and then eventually move their whole family here. I have a new appreciation for being a Canadian citizen. Anyway, I am setting up some telephone interviews tomorrow evening but the whole thing seems scary to me! Once I choose someone that is already out of the Philippines it will only take 3-4 months to have that someone in place. I'll keep you posted.

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